Chapter Services

Chapter Roster Requests
If you would like an updated roster of your chapter membership, please email the PAS Director of Membership Services at

Event Calendar Additions
Please place all upcoming Days of Percussion and other chapter events in your chapter Facebook Group. These events will automatically sync to the overall PAS Facebook page.

PAS Logos and Branding

Please be sure to refer to the current rules and details regarding PAS logos and branding, as stated on the PAS website HERE.

You can also find all chapter-specific logos, as well as official PAS handouts and forms in the Chapter President Dropbox folder HERE.

Promotional Materials for Days of Percussion and other Chapter Events
Please CLICK HERE to request handouts/giveaways for your events. You will need to provide the date of the event, name of the recipient, and a shipping address.

***Important note: most chapters should now be in possession of their own PAS banner. If your banner has been lost, you will need to purchase a replacement.***

Chapter Program Funding Requests

Click Here to submit your invoices and/or receipts in order to claim your chapter funding.

Please be prepared to submit an invoice from the artist/venue so that PAS can send payment directly to the invoicing party. If funds are being used for travel/lodging, please be prepared to submit any necessary receipts, as well as mailing information for the parties being reimbursed.

Artists receiving payment from PAS must have a W9 on file.

Download W9 form here

Invoices to be paid by PAS should contain all of the fields in this example.

Download sample invoice here

Chapter Elections
All US chapters hosting a Regional Day of Percussion in 2023 or 2024 held elections in the Spring of 2021. Chapters hosting a Regional DoP in 2022 will hold elections following the 2022 events. If you have any questions, please contact the PAS Director of Membership Services

Chapter Officers Handbook

Please find the current Chapter Officers Handbook HERE.

Mass Email Requests
Please limit requests for email blasts to your entire chapter to announcements regarding PAS or chapter activities, chapter newsletters, or event compilations. One-off announcements regarding outside events are encouraged to be spread via chapter social media outlets. Outside events are also encouraged to be included in larger compilation announcements, or in chapter newsletters.

Please CLICK HERE to submit your email request. Don’t forget to include copy for the body of your email, if you are sending an attachment. It is also recommended that you post any email attachments in your chapter Facebook group.